Alternative Technologies FOUNDATION is A Multinational Technology non profit FOUNDATION
we are now the owners ofALL the
"plasmic transition technology"L> copyrights and fuel MIX TESTS ;WE WANT TO ABOLISH


to Provide a "OPEN" location for all, MEMBERS employees. to work together providing product
using Plasmic Transition or Pulse ENGINEERING IN A final PRODUCT(S) AS soon as possible.

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<-- STARTUP NEWS!     

Our US MAIL DELIVERY address is:   
PO Box 9011 - PMB 5555, Calexico, CA. 92232-9011
NEW CONTACT INFO:    Phone:    (52) 686-188-3367
SKYPE: Alternative Technologies     EMAIL:

SEE "ABOUT US" for more..


       WATCH this VIDEO, to see what THIS Technology is about, what we can and have done -->!
Inexpensive to MAKE and run ($8 yr), non combustion, no ecological impact, REALLY is "DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY"! to those rich oil barons! Replaces Nukes, coal, Natural Gas ETC...
Power redistributed back to the users.


RESTART STATUS as of 02/12/2020:

    The Funding that our "funding" partner was to supply, has not yet arrived. So to save money we are moving our materials into a cheaper storage unit, out of the "shop" we are in now, to save that expense ($600 a month).
    However the Controller board firmware and testing will continue and when complete engine tests will be held at a location to be determined at that time. Needless to say, when the funding happens, the first thing will be a proper shop and all moved to it.

    As many of you know, one of the late "Inteligentry" investors, Terry, had paid the storage fee, that the SEC FAILED to do, and brought that all down here about 9 months ago. Because of that, a shop was rented, to store it all in, $400 a month plus $200 electric or $600 cost a month, it was big enough to have several "contractor" engineers in as well, as needed.
    A new control system was also designed, to correct some errors in the 2013 system and make the system easier to connect and use. These cost about $5000.
   As you can see from the videos, here, we did also mix and match parts enough to get a new complete engine ready to try out and to build a new gas mixer and some tester units.
    However, there was a whole bunch of junk. It filled the shop and made things hard to find. SO, After we move the shop into storage, the surplus stuff will get sold or stored in a way it is not a problem. The new control units, that need to be programmed and tested, will be done at my house or at my partners home.
   So there will be no lag in development toward the next engine release.



     As you all know Demo engines were running and would have been introduced to those who had supported the project on MARCH 25, 2013 NEARLY 6 years ago. BUT that was stopped by the US GOVERNMENT as the SEC proved NO CASE by failing to offer any fact that proved ANY case.
     Inteligentry was ready to show working engines to the investors so they could decide to convert their investment over to Stock per their investment agreement, or get refunded. John Rohner HAD conducting tests on several running engines, No factual proof that this was not true was ever shown, as required by law. Because of his experience with THE greedy Dr. Michael Girouard WHO when shown an engine running, EXPECTING to get more investment BUT his response was to threaten John with physical harm and grab the company. SO, John ran all tests in private and did not video record. FYI, there is video of the first engine running and it is hiding in plain site as a video.
     John kept track of any problems in his head and even disassembled, to inoperable, after his testing. SO When the FBI removed, at gun point, all these engines, to formally stop Inteligentry, FYI, no charges were ever considered by them, at least 2 ready to run, hardware, engines were taken. All they needed was the control electronics that John had removed and separated (hidden?).
     So in 2013 there were running engines that could be in products today, a loss of nearly 6 years. But the US Government, that could not find or charge anyone for the recession that cost the world TRILLIONS, came after a "start up" that had $844,000 of investment by fellow ecological people hopeful for something.
     In 2014 John Rohner, on behalf of his investors, whose money was being stolen by the US Government, and his own wish to not allow any ONE to own the technology, signed a "Joint Venture" with a funding source. This allowed John to get his notes together and start correcting those problems that he had found in his running tests. After leaving the USA jurisdiction and with some help from his friends he created new electronics to resolve the Problems. and to relieve any Copyright issues.
     The SEC felt that even with the failure of Inteligentry to pay John a paycheck that somehow the IP was the property of the USA.. Not true, as Rohner's employment contract specifically states that what he knows remains his UNTIL after payment, Rohner got that from Government contracts and after 40 years of Contracting and having been screwed a couple times.
     After MANY years of "next week", Rohner is now actively looking for a JV partner to get this back going and help the world. The idea is to use a million dollars to set up a proper work site and contract all the "experts" needed to get to the DEMO engines as needed, maybe turning these contractors into perms later.


    JOHN ROHNER, our primary development engineer, under contract, has been, since 1974,
a pre-eminent Consulting Engineer and a WORLD CLASS Developer

    Mr Rohner has Many NEW Products that he created, many of which are on the market even now, in one form or another.

    HIS very Far sighted and versatile Research, Design & Development" EXPERTISE PROVIDED MANY Discoveries including:

   ♦ The Plasmic Transition Process for alternative Renewable Energy production, Now being co developed in many countries, with us. (Illegal in the USA!!!)
   ♦ The discovery and development of the RF BLOCK Conversion Techniques used by Satellite TVRO and every direct to TV satellite system and Various Military, Etc. uses. Developed in 1981 now used everywhere.
   ♦ design and development of a 284,000 Channel HF (1.6 to 30 MHz), in 10 HZ steps, Military Type Transceiver, in 1990 for military man pack applications. Very light weight and frequency versatile. First use of a microprocessor in an analog RF device as a very smart controller.
   ♦ In the 1970s The original 2 transistor CB 100 Watt Linear Power Amplifier, a variant is still used by most truckers to this day for CB ing the world. Made that was the day. My handle was "churchmouse" and I drove a brand new 2 Cylinder, 750 CC, Honda between LA and my production in Iowa. Yellow no less.
   ♦ In 1990, with the investment of a LA Lawyer, we developed The predecessor to the I POD, was complete with a round dial pad on the front. A couple years latter and Apple had one when we could not get LCDs.
   ♦ In the later 1990s, working for a company in Austin, we developed The predecessor to the I PAD, Altho at the time it was meant to be a Internet portal for elderly and disabled persons. Of course we all know that is Now copied and evolved,
   ♦ HE has great software or firmware experience, taught "Embedded C" to many, persons to write, or help you write firmware, software or even solid "Provisional" Patents.
   ♦ and Many other NEW Technologies and products.

   ♦ HE gas also have worked with nearly all the major BIOS software manufacturers like Phoenix, AMI and many others.
   ♦He is also involved in the Linux Kernel and Android OS, as well as many real time Operating systems and applications or Firmware.
   ♦ Programming can be done in C, Embedded C, Assembler, Cobol and binary or disassembly and rewrite.

   ♦ He has designed the systems, created the electronics to do it, drawn our own Schematics, Did PC Board Layout for our own PC Boards, stuff, test and deliver complete embedded prototype controllers or systems, fully operational and programmed to the job. AND been copied ALOT!!!

     Our mission is to make  ANY "PLANET SAVING" new technology available to all, in the world, inexpensively, AND as quickly as possible.     THUS, Providing a more livable world for our kids and US.


Caribbean Maya" area. Both Facilities will provide a great work environment, amenities and perks t0000" size="3" face="verdana">     on the various projects there.

     If Interested in DISCUSSING Employment SEND RESUME, or Request Application, via EMAIL Contact:


     The "Plasmic Transition" Engine project has restarted. We will be working to complete a DEMO set of 2, 4 & 6
cylinder ENGINES, in opposed (boxer) & in line forms (test units for Generator sets, cars, boats, trucks & private aircraft.).

     These are similar to the engines John Rohner ran & TESTED in Las Vegas. However these are upgraded with all the FIXES and new developments from the past 6 years.
     IF you wish to JOIN US & help feel free to contact us..! With resume & expectations (contract to perm?) .. at CAN I HELP?


   &nnbsp; WE WILL HAPPILY HIRE WOMEN at equal pay!
We are EQUAL OPPORTUNITY, NO COLOR or SEXUAL barriers, environment and any employee that breaks that will GO..
The object is to enjoy life and what we do! NO smoking and NO Drugs! Lots of SCUBA, Sun and warm water:0)

Which the USA used to BE until the Greedy and DUMB took over!. The US needs to Remake America Great, as it was before, Again.

     Most everyone that has talked to John Rohner knows that his primary plan was to develop new ecologically sound products. Had the US Government not removed Inteligentry's initial income of over 18 million dollars, John would, right now, be north of Las Vegas at a "hot spring" which the company would have bought, as a base Research & Design location.
     This new faculty would be staffed by "older experienced Engineers & Scientists that were "terminated" early but wanted to continue to "tinker" and help the world ecologically and pass on what they knew to the next generation.
     That was what was supposed to be "Inteligentry". That was Rohner's, & the investor's, dream. HELP THE WORLD!! No one cared about just

     This brings us to the "REALITY" of several centers working with SAMPLE engines thru a single R & D and patent source was a great idea. So, John Rohner's original plan, to have a "centralized" Electronic Control System (ECS) "development center", was a great idea as it would reduce everyone's costs and provide a central point to create new controls and even new silicon.
     This new "Development Center" will also be providing Research, Design and Development for several new ideas, technologies and designs for future use, as well. These new ideas, etc., will allow smaller and more powerful products for many areas. This group will be free to also look into any "ecologically correct" ideas that may improve the planet or even "re distribute" the factors, hopefully with fewer wars, now controlling this world.

     The AREA where you would work!

     The picture presented, ABOVE, on this page is a nice warm tropical beach in a very dry climate with warm water. Sound familiar?? to Rohner's original plan? The beaches here are long and very beautiful and the water is nice and warm, typical about 82 degrees F, like a comfortable bath tub. There can be waves but generally pretty calm. The water is very active as the High to low tide water mark can be as much as 9 feet, notice the picture above is with the low tide. That means lots of beach to explore for shells and GREAT Clams.
     The work and residential area is in a 24 hour a day manned gated security zone so there is no problem walking at night and looking at the moon or such, very low crime..
     This area is famous for the "blue" shrimp which are "colossal" and really tasty. They make a "special" by opening the tail and placing a small sliver of Ham and Cheese into it and closing it by wrapping in a bacon strip. It is one of the delicacies available during the "shrimp fest" each year. One of many festivals here.
     2 hours north is the USA and Mexicalli. There is a Sam's, Costco, Walmart, office depot, Smart & Final, home depot etc. there and across the border the US equiv. Anything needed that you can not get local is there.
     There are good restaurants, bakeries, grocery, etc. stores in Town, even a BBQ joint. Very friendly and trustworthy people and no matter how poor they look they would rather wash your car for a buck than steal. Every week there is a fresh produce guy open and at various times "pop" up stands along the road to get most anything. Be prepared because there are lots of things you may never heard of that are very good..

     The PLACE where you MAY work!

     Our building is a fully air conditioned, Multi "guest" room facility with offices, conference rooms, a full kitchen and a living room for relaxing building Wrapped around a Pool and Hot tub, in the center, covered. We may also have a medical clinic and restraunt/bar for our, and commercial, use. It will be fully equipped with a secure internal internet network, satellite TV and central 12 terabyte server and 80 TB NAS, a BBQ Grill, Smoker etc. It also has many development offices and labs, both mechanical and electrical and 3D printing, metal and plastic capabilities.
     Later it will be powered with an uninterruptible power source using one of our engines, etc. Other things we wish to test will be built there as well, our "Toys".
     ALL employees will have free medical and food onsite. As well as security present. All areas open onto the central area, for relaxing, as well. The outdoor landscaping is very nice as well. Transportation is best on a motor scooter, golf cart, ATV or 4x4, even bicycles are fun..

     The PEOPLE WE NEED to help us!

     People that don't need to make more money, are not greedy and want to use their skills to help the world while enjoying their life. Yes, if this was the Seventies we might call this a "commune" and for most of us this would be nearly that. A nice comfortable, safe place to continue to produce, learn, evolve and simply live and enjoy. A life without the USA "politics" and oppressions.


     The housing for whomever will work with us and has a family and kids with them is also very easy as we will provide: The average price of a 2 bedroom 2 bath home within a block of the beach is about $60,000 and $500 a month to rent. A home may be the sign on bonus, with a 5 year contract in "critical" technology areas. However, if you are with us to grow and learn we will make sure you and your family have proper housing free of charge. Depending on the future, as we grow, that could be a perm house with salary. Salary will be negotiated with each person and will depend on the "support" needed, Room, Board etc needed. No one will get rich in this first year but no one will need either.
     We plan several "scooters" and other vehicles for all to use. The beach is not far and while easily walked it is much easier to ride.
     There is abundant fresh vegetables, fruit, great meat, although you do have to get used to no additives to keep it fresh forever, (ground beef needs to be eaten in a few days) and the milk is whole milk and the best any person can drink, seems the US Government got that wrong too as the milk provides vitamins and actually reduces cholesterol. Of course there is also fresh fish, clams and BIG shrimp. The living environment is very 60/70 ish, friendly people that are honest and do smile.


     Not a bad place to kick back and enjoy life while helping the planet. It is also just the starting point. If the group decided that the "center" should be somewhere else, Say Cayman, for scuba etc., we expect to be able to vote at any monthly meeting if the subject comes up. There will be monthly meetings so everyone will know how things are overall etc.

     Even medical and medicines are inexpensive, unlike the US..

     Oh and complete heath care, for all, at $300 a year, "walk in and get it" inexpensive pharmacies, great dental and vision care. No Medicare costs... These "third world" countries are "TERRIBLE" this way. :0)

     If you are tired of doing nothing, or doing nothing for the world, or just bored silly and ARE interested in enjoying life and being challenged and productive Then here is our email contact: CAN I HELP? as a subject.
    Resumes ARE being accepted, personal info and phone numbers traded. Then we can talk and see what we can do for the world TOGETHER and live again.
    Remember this is only our first project. We want to use it to allow us to "play" and develop any other ideas that may come in or up as well.. Even Anti gravity? New projects will be presented and we will vote as to what to do and when..
    Again we are EQUAL in our choices. We don't care if you are male, female, single or family. Qualifications and wishes are what is important to the world. We will expect older people to be willing to pass on their experience to younger folks. That is the essence of "Long Life", to be remembered.

     SO, While it had to wait until certain patents were filed by someone somewhere, to insure security for the operation and to smash the dumb patents, like Klosterman's, that "waiting" period is over. The copyrights in place and "publications of information providing "prior knowledge" are finally complete.


     SO, If you are retired, or not, and want to be productive, or are bored, believe ecological is a REAL word that needs help no matter how, and would like to join us here by the beach and play in the warm water and "open" labs.
even if you maybe just graduated, or whatever and want to learn from some "OLD" guys.... :0),
    WARNING This is a EQUAL place, Men and Women are equal and expected to believe that as well.
    However, John understands that GOD gave Eve to Adam to complete him and so has not much use for any man "hiding" his other half under a garment or such actions, no matter what human created faith he is.
    John also understands that "marriage" is a civil contract between two people that love each other.
    ♦send a resume to: EMPLOYMENT
    ♦ OR Another Old Engineer: John at "RAM Engineering MX".

    ♦ And we will chat about how to jointly be good for each other. The Beach is relaxing and very refreshing as the pace is easy. Retire here great houses cheap prices, $50 to $200K and great fresh foods. Nothing like it anywhere..
    Retire and work here --> great fruit and fresh vegetables and such, very nice simple houses at cheap prices, $50 to $200K, some right on the beach.
    Check this out San Felipe, Baja, MX.() is the area
    and Best Realtor is Jose.
    All this and great fresh foods. Nothing like it anywhere..

     Final note:

     Please understand that if you join us you will become a part of us, this is a long term job. We plan to keep on developing things to help the planet and make things better for our kids.
     All employees will become Vested at one year and share in profits as well.
     This endeavor is a joint venture between many companies and a "set aside" of partial ownership has been created for the "founding" PEOPLE to insure that their future will be secure and that they can grow as the group grows and expands.
     Specific needs are physicists that want to "tinker" with Plasmic, or plasma, uses, Electronic engineers that love playing with embedded controls and MOFET switches, Firmware engineers that love to make things happen without OSes and even some apps guys that would like to see their "Phone app" control things like cars, trucks, boats, or generating plants, mine mules or whatever.
     We may also need some mechanical Engineering people and even mechanics as well. We have 6 engines to create and they will be going into Trucks, Fishing and big personal boats, small cars maybe even an airplane or ultra lite. So worst case if that is what you like let us know so we have you on file for when we get there.
     For those of you just graduating and just married the schools and medical facilities here is great, as are the dentists and vision doctors.
     If you love pure gaming on a high speed internet, that is probably a couple years away. Internet here is fastest off the satellite but not great for watching movies etc.
     be sure to consider if you liked the way people were in the early 80s. The people here are happy, friendly and helpful, but the language is Mexican, albeit many speak some English. The beach is great and sun is nice and the fresh fruits and vegetables very good. There is a small "Swap Meet" on Saturday morning where things like planter pots and local made bakery, honey and such can be had for just enjoying.
     The idea is to be comfortable, learn and accomplish while enjoying Life and all it has to give.
     We will be hiring all year in 2017, so If you miss the first cut don't fret, we will let you know your chances of the future here with us and such.
     There are also many jobs that are less technical but still critical. We plan to pass thru our "people stack" to fill these so if you simply want a job send a resume and personal info. One never knows what will happen.
     As I said before this is a "EQUAL" opportunity for anyone, Kids and family are not a worry or an encumbrance.. I put more faith in the old "How Many things can you do with a wire cloths hanger?" than anything else. OH, in case we move to Belize or someplace all moving will be paid as well. The best criteria is friendly and easy.. I guarantee you getting strange in the desert is not advisable. The old saying is "smile it can be worse, so I smiled and sure enough it got worse" always proceeds pure joy when the silver lining finally does show up, as it always will.





Any member could use it without Cost & all would SHARE".

     John Rohner is wondering why the manufacturers, who are now spending billions to ready "BATTERY" cars, that would hurt the ecology and cause huge problems for "blowing up", contaminating waste facilities etc.. ALL the bad things we already know about batteries, plus could cost a end user thousands of dollars every other year to replace, are doing this?
     Here is a proven technology, ran once for DR Girouard who stole Rohner's PlasmERG company in 2011, was running and testing as early as the Power Gen Show, when some of Rohner's employees told the engine manufacturers to disregard Rohner's order that every one would have 10 engines ready or he would not run one at the show, so he did not. These are the same folks that because they failed to grab the company became the SEC's stooges and rats. But most importantly the running and testing engines Rohner was preparing to show his investors March 23 rd, 2013, to get the final meeting to transform "Investors" into "Stockholders" for the final creation meeting and list that would have made it a Corporation. FYI on April 1, 2013 it was defunct, not that the SEC cared.
     Luckily Rohner removed the electronics from these test engines Sunday night after his tests so they were "incomplete" when grabbed and such. Only Rohner can resurrect them, but after nearly 5 years even that would be tough.
     There is no question the technology is sound and can be used. The problem is restarting from scratch, as Rohner did after PlasmERG, to insure no consideration of Copyright infringement. ie. Inteligentry hardware and electronics are different from PlasmERG. As they should be from the experience learned and brought forward.
     John Rohner does not know the "proper" way to set up such a consortium. It may be a corporation or a foundation or something. But it would be "OIL" Proof.
    Consider that a small engine of less than 2 liters would require about one "RECHARGE CYLINDER" the size of a CO2 unit from a pellet gun, expected cost less than $8, and the BIG 6 Cylinder TRUCK, TRAIN, TANK or Ship size, 6 liters plus would require a refill tank about the size of a paint ball unit, cost $30, to run 24/7/365. That means you could power a home for a year at less than $8 or drive your truck for a year for less than $30.
     Add to that there is no intake/exhaust/noise/heat pollution. So a trucker could run his engine without complaints in the winter.

If all the prospective users got together the development costs could be less, roughly 4 million to build a center south of Can Cun, Mexico, a happy place to visit and live. A good deal of the MEMBER COMPANIES Internal engineering departments, currently being used for combustion could be reorganized to work with the R & D center to create specific products it may need internally to create product.
     Imagine personal home electricity for everyone, and Small cars at $10,000 or less and trucks that make money, or Ships and rail engines without smoke. and this first engine is the tip of the iceburg.
Anyone know how to get this done or would like to be a part of it? LET ME KNOW?

     If you are tired of doing nothing and interested in enjoying life and being productive, contact: CAN I HELP?
     Resumes ARE being accepted, and phone numbers traded, so we can talk and see what we can do for the world, together with others of like mind from outside the USA.. Check with us to discuss how you may fit into our amazing project placement details for Development plans and introduction of engines

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